Tantrix is (just like Where's the Gold) known by some as a wonderful game that is equally good as a fun family game for 2-4 players or as an elegant game of strategy mixed with an element of chance for two. Others know Tantrix as an intriguing collection of puzzles.

It's all of the above - Play it a few times and you'll probably become as addicted as the players you can meet on the www.tantrix.com site!



The perfect introduction to Tantrix - each Tantrix Discovery set contains 10 colour-coded, numbered tiles, which are enough for ten graded solitaire puzzles. While almost everyone can solve the simplest puzzle with just three tiles, everyone finds a level at which the puzzles become challenging and intriguing as the number of tiles increases. As a result, Tantrix Discovery appeals widely to people of all ages and abilitles. No wonder it was voted "Puzzle of the Year"!

The later solutions are hard to remember and in some cases there is more than one solution, so you can have fun with your set again and again. In fact, if you really want a challenge, why not add a second Discovery set, then you can work your way up to a puzzle with 20 tiles, or 30 tiles, even more ...

Tantrix Discovery tiles are available in classic black or fun marbled green. The puzzles are the same in each case, so you can choose the colour that suits your personality.

Discovery sets are available in mesh bags (perfect for travelling and for children to carry around with them) or in a wooden or chrome stand.

If you buy your set in a stand, why not master it, then leave it out on your coffee table and see how long it takes your family and friends to succumb to the temptation to pick it up and have a go!