Tantrix is known by some as a wonderful game that is equally good as a fun family game for 2-4 players or as an elegant game of strategy mixed with an element of chance for two. Others know Tantrix as an intriguing collection of puzzles.

It's all of the above - Play it a few times and you'll probably become as addicted as the players you can meet on the www.tantrix.com site!



If you enjoy Tantrix Discovery, then you will love Tantrix Solitaire which is a deluxe version of our classic Discovery puzzle.

The puzzle runs from 3 tiles up to 14 tiles (instead of 10). The tiles themselves are slightly larger, about four times the weight of standard tiles, and subtly curved on the top and bottom surfaces. Apart from classic loop puzzles, you can play the Solitaire version of Tantrix, which is "half a puzzle, half a game".

Tantrix Solitaire comes in four different editions, each with their own three-colour combination of links. The tiles of each set are numbered from 1 to 14. Combining all four editions together creates a full large-tile set of Tantrix needed to play the multiplayer game.