Tantrix is known by some as a wonderful game that is equally good as a fun family game for 2-4 players or as an elegant game of strategy mixed with an element of chance for two. Others know Tantrix as an intriguing collection of puzzles.

It's all of the above - Play it a few times and you'll probably become as addicted as the players you can meet on the www.tantrix.com site!


The TANTRIX GAME PACK (pictured to the right) contains 56 unique colour-coded, numbered tiles. These are supplied in an eye-catching and practical travel bag and with a 50 page booklet containing activities to last you a lifetime! No wonder it won the Good Toy Guide's Gold Award for Best Game!

Why is the Game Pack SO good? Well ...

  • anyone from age 6 upwards can play
  • very few rules, so it is easy to get started
  • the tiles feel great and make fascinating patterns
  • it only takes about 30 minutes to play a complete game
  • it can be played as a serious strategy game or just for fun
  • a whole selection of puzzles
  • friends can usually be introduced to the basics fairly quickly
  • an element of chance, so it's fun even if one player is stronger... but master the strategies and you will win more often than not !

The Tantrix Game Pack also contains Discovery puzzles, (using the first 30 tiles - equivalent to 3 Discovery sets as shown here), five Rainbow puzzles, five Junior to Genius puzzles and two other puzzles ranging from tricky to almost impossible - one of them has never been fully solved without the aid of a computer!