Tantrix is known by some as a wonderful game that is equally good as a fun family game for 2-4 players or as an elegant game of strategy mixed with an element of chance for two. Others know Tantrix as an intriguing collection of puzzles.

It's all of the above - Play it a few times and you'll probably become as addicted as the players you can meet on the www.tantrix.com site!



The Tantrix Xtreme puzzle is a more fiendish introduction to Tantrix - it contains eight loop puzzles that are similar to the Discovery puzzles but with an extra twist - there are no colour clues are given for each level as there are in Discovery. This way, you don't even know what colour loop it is that you're trying to form!

Xtreme also introduces the next level of puzzle from the game pack - Two pyramid puzzles that provide an even greater challenge complete the set.

Xtreme, unlike Discovery, cannot be joined with additional sets - it stands alone ready to be solved!